Tim Schöndorfer

Everything from videos to mixed media.
Kaufland Xmas
Concept / Campaign

Even with the most opposite and strange characters at the christmas table, it's possible to maintain peace if you just eat good. That was the message of the christmas spot I developed with heimat Werbeagentur Berlin for the Kaufland supermarket chain.

The BBQ Diamond
Concept / Campaign

With heimat ad agency, I developed a lottery. The price was a very special BBQ party. And out of the ashes of that party, the world's first, completely real BBQ diamond got pressed.

Concept / WEbdesign / Photogrpahy

The Werkschau of the summer-semester 2012 had the motto: "Nach Raum greifen" (reaching for room). That concept was turned into a catalogue, photos, website, videos, guidance system and spatial installations.

2469968 JD
Concept / Product Design / Branding

What does science predict our world will look like in 2050? How will people live? What objects will they use in their daily lives? These are the questions, I tried to answer with my final bachelor's project.

Photography / Concept

During my two years at DaWanda, Gemany's (at the time) biggest marketplace for handcrafted items, I have been responsible for various tasks, ranging from photography and videography, to conception and general graphic design.

Jetzt: Musik!

New Music is a branch of contemporary music that is particularly challenging for the listener. I developed a brand and visual style for promoters of new music concerts.

Lunar Mining
Concept / Infographic

With this infographic-poster, we illustrated one possible consequence of the upcoming worldwide energy shortage and what's to expect from H3-mining and lunar tourism.

David Schöndorfer
Graphicdesign / UX/UI-Design

Since the beginning of my carreer, my brother David (a professional clarinettist) has been the test dummy for a lot of my creative experiments. As compensation I am still creating most of his concerts promo materials and maintain his artist's website.