Tim Schöndorfer

UI/UX Projects
Everything for users with a screen.
Developing for the Web
Webflow development

Next to my design work I also develop websites with webflow for my clients. In this section you can see the results of those efforts.

Branding / Graphic design /UI/UX-Design

Developing a brand identity for a new digital insurance company. Mailo's fresh take on an old industry focusses on a young audience of freelancers and entrepreneurs.


The famous music magazine's online department approached us for an update of their website design. The goal was a modern grid-based, magazine style music news site.

Concept / WEbdesign / Photogrpahy

The Werkschau of the summer-semester 2012 had the motto: "Nach Raum greifen" (reaching for room). That concept was turned into a catalogue, photos, website, videos, guidance system and spatial installations.

UX/UI Design

A project for the Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg and the course of UNESCO World Heritage Studies.

I know
WE know
Concept / UX/UI-Design

Is the internet making us stupid?
That is the question, which I tried to answer with my 2016 master‘s thesis and used my findings to create a website that is most optimized for effectiveness in delivering knowledge to the user.

David Schöndorfer
Graphicdesign / UX/UI-Design

Since the beginning of my creative carreer, my brother David (a professional clarinettist) has been the test dummy for a lot of my first tries. As compensation I am still creating most of his concerts promo materials and maintain his artist's website.