Tim Schöndorfer

David Schöndorfer

Design of promotional materials for a clarinettist.

Since the beginning of my carreer, my brother David (a professional clarinettist) has been the test dummy for a lot of my creative experiments.

As compensation I am still creating most of the promo materials for his concerts and maintain his website.

The biggest of his personal projects is the concert series called KLANGERFRISCHUNG. For that, professional musicians are regularly invited to play concerts in the town of Königsbrunn in Bavaria. With a pay what-you-want-system in place, sophisticated classical music is made accessible to people who normally cannot, or do not want to, afford such concerts.


David Schöndorfer and KLANGERFRISCHUNG e.V.


Concept, Graphic design


The design is kept free and it's exclusive goal is, to appear as unusual as possible in the small-town environment, in order to attract maximum attention.

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