Tim Schöndorfer


complete design suite for a brand new craft beer brewery

I helped a friend to convert his farm into a sustainable craft beer brewery. For this project I developed a complete design suite including logo, brand style, tone of voice, illustrations, packaging, guidance system, advertising and social media content.

Also visit the web shop: koebi.bayern


Concept, Branding, Graphic Design, Packaging Design, UX/UI-Design, Motion Design, Emotional Support Animal

The Brand

The logo stands out next to other traditional german beer brands on the shopping shelfs with it's modern but friendly style. The clean appearance stands in contrast to the recycled and natural materials like cardboard it's mostly used on.

Every type of beer is represented by an illustrated creature that encapsulates key features of the variant. It's always vage enough for everyone to have a different interpretaion of their meanings.

This is the launch trailer for the online shop in march of 2022. Combining a little bit of humor with a clear love of hand crafted things – just like the beers.


The main product lineup in the summer of 2023. Simple but interesting. Serious but friendly.


more coming soon...