Tim Schöndorfer

Personal Projects

For me and others...

Deutsche Spielkarten

The story repeats itself: I want to gift something and it doesn't exist. This time it was a high quality set of beautiful german playing cards. So I – again – had to make them myself.

But this time you can also get them here.

These cards can be used to play a variety of german card games, including schafkopf and tarock.

A Thank-you note

At the end of the year, it's often a good time to thank my delightful clients. Last year, I decided to attach a soundbox. An item that no respectable office should be without.

I think, I went a little overboard with the packaging, though.

Nerf-gun Mod

While researching which gun I should buy to battle my coworkers, I came across the awesome modding comunity for NERF guns online. I decided to have a shot at that.

I disassembled the whole gun, strengthened the springs, added quite some weight and completely repainted and wheathered it.

max frisch's Fragebogen

When I came across Max Frisch's very insightful and thought provoking questionairs, I knew I had to have one of those. Sadly, I discovered that the only nice issue that included the possibility to actually answer the questions, was out of print since a long time.

So I decided to buy the ebook and create a book for myself that looked exactly how I wanted it to.

The chest of memory

Inspired by J.J. Abrams mystery box, I built this box as a case for my backup harddrive to safely secure all my personal photos and videos.

The chest is made from thick, reclaimed wood that once made up a friend's family farm. I added a leather case as storage for the wires and attached it to the lid. The lock I was using, is over a hundred years old.

Rebinding The Martian

This is a gift I made for a book loving relative. I rebound a paperback book to a hardcover, and transformed it into an item, resembling something straight out of NASA's arsenal.

Fitting to the book's narrative, I created a cover, themed as the main character's mission logfile and painted the book's corners red.

I then sew a case in style of NASA's signature storage containers that can also be found on bord of the ISS.

Rummy Deluxe

This very special Rummy edition was a gift for a enthousiast for the game.

I painted every single stone by hand and crafted the benches from hardwood. A special challenge was to make the items in such a way, so they would perfectly fit into the game's case.


What is the story behind the mysterious painting of Edward Hopper?

I tried to picture my vision of the sourrounding  actions in a way, that is rather unusual for telling stories. I left the audience without any kind of visual and narrative explanation but only with sound and noise.

Arround the resulting piece of recording I built a very unique kind of packaging in form of an evidence-box concerning the murder, that happens in the audio-track. This box supports the storyline and helps the listener to picture what is happening.

It contains the murderweapon, the recording on tape, a detailed casefile, various maps drawn by the conspirators, a bottle of poison, a letter and some notes. All this things help to bring the world of the painting to life.

Prepping a Paper Chase

Material to illustrate the backgroundstory of a scavenger hunt for a 30th birthday of a friend, which was celebrated at a cabin in the austrian alps.

For this project I created and weathered a map, diary pages, an "official" transalation document , a notarial form, a postcard, pieces of a newspaper, and task-cards.

Memorial Plate

For the sixth anniversary of a weekly meetup I had with a friend, I made a memorial plate which illustrates everything these evenings were made of.

The sketch style illustrations were transferred onto a piece of reclaimed wood. After this, the wood was soaked in antifreeze and rum and smoked on a grill for three hours. Finally I strengthened the illustration by retracing it with a soldering iron.