Tim Schöndorfer


Creating the final-project-show at Hochschule Augsburg

The Werkschau of the summer-semester 2012 had the motto: "Nach Raum greifen" (reaching for more space). That concept was turned into a catalogue, photos, a website, promo videos, guidance system and spatial installations.


General Conception
UX/UI-Design of the Website
Portrait Photography
Conception and Construction of the Facade-Installation


ADC Global Bronze
CSS-Design Award, CSS-Winner, Frenchdesignindex, CSSReel, CSS Awards


Photographic implementation of the theme „Space“ in more than 90 portraits of graduates and staff.

Which were then used as keyvisuals for online and offline communication.

Project Website

When scrolling through a 360° view of the graduate profiles, in the background the shooting set s revealed:
an art gallery.

Facade Installation

Conception and construction of a 30 meter long two sided arrow made of light.